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Ringtone Sky Walke – Migue ft Travis Scott


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Ringtone Sky Walke - Migue ft Travis Scott Download Free

"Sky Walker" is a song by American singer and songwriter Miguel, featuring American rapper Travis Scott. It was written by Scott, Rogét Chahayed, Happy Perez and Miguel, with production handled by the latter two. The song was released through ByStorm Entertainment and RCA Records on August 24, 2017, as the lead single from Miguel's upcoming fourth studio album War & Leisure.

The accompanying music video was directed by Director X and Miguel. It shows Miguel in various locations such as a sauna, a basketball court, and a cockpit, as he parties inside the mansion, doing activities like surfing, "pouring out shots, stacking cups on a passed out friend's head, pretending to be a matador" and taking pictures in a bedroom. It also features both Miguel and Scott performing part of the song on top of a police car.

Lyrics Sky Walke - Migue ft Travis Scott:

Quick to dead the bull like a matador
Quick to dead the bull like a matador
Bull, bull, bull like a matador
Quick to dead the bull like a matador

[Chorus: Miguel]
Cap and a stem, catch a wave on us (splish)
Take a shot, make a friend, just enjoy the moment
I'm Luke Skywalkin' on these haters (splish)
Celebrate every day like a birthday
Good things come to those that wait up (splish)
But don't wait to jump in too long
Don't sleep, you gotta stay up (splish)
Don't, don't sleep, you gotta stay up
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Miguel]
I'm outstandin' so I stand out (stand out)
I'm more bathed than a bathhouse
Top Gun, on my Tom Cruise
I play for keeps and I don't lose
You're gonna love it 'cause you're cool as a breeze (cool as a breeze)
So pick a poison, yeah I got what you need (got what you need)
Nonchalant, got the green on rotation
All night, we gon' keep it psychedelic like a...

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