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Ringtone The Way Life Goes – Lil Uzi Vert


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The Way Life Goes – Lil Uzi Vert Ringtone Free 

After several delays, due to issues with Atlantic Records, Nicki Minaj and Lil Uzi Vert finally released the remix to Luv Is Rage 2 standout “The Way Life Goes" on Nov. 2. Back in August, Nicki pleaded with Uzi on Instagram to send her the beat so she could get to work on the track's remix. Over the weekend, (Nov. 18) Minaj and the Philly native posted them together relaxing on set to social media, letting fans knows an epic visual was on the way.

The song has peaked a No. 31 on Billboard Hot 100. The Pinkprint artist said via Instagram that Uzi reminds her of Lil Wayne: “It’s a pleasure to work with him. He reminds me so much of Tunechi. He gives me the Lil’ Tunechi vibe, and because of that I fucking love him. Shout out to the fans we’re about to give you a killer video.”

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The Way Life Goes Lyrics:

I know you're sad and tired (yeah)
You've got nothin' left to give (yeah)
You'll find another life to live (yeah)
I know that you'll get over it (yeah)

Wish I never ever ever told you things (told you things)
I was only only tryna show you things (yeah)
Iced out heart on your neck tried to froze your ring (froze your ring)
I had to get a me a new bitch to hold the pain (hold the pain)
We was in Hawaii lookin' at the ring (yeah)
(you'll get over it)
She smilin' happy, but I'm laughin' 'cause her man's a lame
(you'll get over it)
(broke boi, broke boi, broke boi, broke boi)
Damn, that just goes to show me money don't attract a thing (you'll get over it)
(real shit)
Stuck to the plan even though you used to go with my mans
(you'll get over it)

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