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21 Savage's new video for "Nothing New," a track off his July debt Issa Album, tackles the subjects of policy brutality and racism in America. It opens with clips of Colin Kaepernick, Barack Obama and LeBron James discussing the topics, and includes images from Ferguson, Baton Rouge and other American cities that have seen protests take place after police killed unarmed black men.

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Nothing New - 21 Savage's Lyrics: 

Another nigga made the news, it ain't nothin' new 
He done dropped outta school, it ain't nothin' new 
He done got his first tool, it ain't nothin' new 
Mama on that dog food, it ain't nothin' new 
He smokin' weed and he changin', it ain't nothin' new 
All his friends gang bangin', it ain't nothin' new 
Got a pocket full of hundreds and they all blue 
Another nigga from the hood tryna ball too 

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