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Ringtone Beautiful Mistakes – Maroon 5, Megan Thee Stallion


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Lyrics Beautiful Mistakes - Megan Thee Stallion:

You did me wrong 'cause I let you (Let you)
Usually, I like my situations beneficial
Doin' something different, got me lookin' stupid (Damn)
The only way I'm comin' back to you is if you're dreaming, lucid (Hmm)
Prove it, if you made a promise then keep it (Keep it)
Why you wanna lie and then get mad? I don't believe it (Boy, bye)
But really, I was doin' just fine without ya
Lookin' fine, sippin' wine, dancin' on club couches (Ah)
Baby, why you wanna lose me like you don't need me? (Don't need me)
Like I don't block you and you still try to reach me (Still try to reach me)
How you figure out how to call me from the TV? (Huh?)
You're runnin' outta chances and this time I mean it (Ah)

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