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Ringtone Most High – Tory Lanez


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Most High - Tory Lanez Ringtone Lyrics:

Uh, devil want a nigga soul
I beat that nigga thousand times in a row
Couple weeks ago, he thought he threw his best shot
All I’m lookin’ at is Twitter playin’ “friend-or-foe”
Clout chasers need the relevancy
Hard talk come from irrelevant MC’s
None of those guys R relevant as me
Guess what that means, I’m on a whole ‘nother league
Wait, don’t stop, let’s sell another story (Ah)
What the fuck happened to rap? This isn’t for me (Ah)
Never did I ever think that I would see the day (Nah)
Rap niggas tellin’ the cops to come for me (Uh)
They tried to turn me to a cold felon (Facts)
All they helped me do is get some more millions (More facts)
All I see is, “Free Tory, free Tory” (Hahaha)
Homie, I was in Miami on the shore chillin’ (He’s wildin’)
I got a whole new chick, mean
We on the Island and she fuck me like she off a bean
I’m out in Jersey and I’m ballin’ like I’m off the team (We high)
I bought a four, it’s a Birkin or it’s all Celine

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