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Ringtone Throw It Back – Missy Elliott


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Throw It Back – Missy Elliott Ringtone Lyrics:

Walk up in this thing (Thing), I be on my game (Game)
If it's competition ('Tition), I put them to shame (Shame)
Different kind of chick (Chick), we are not the same (The same)
I raised all these babies, call me Katherine Jackson ('Son)
Please don't steal my style (Style), I might cuss you out (Wow)
What you doin' now (Doin'), I did for a while (While)
Missy, Missy, Missy, go 'head, let it slap (Slap)
I'ma snatch they wigs 'til I see that scalp (Scalp)
Booty, booty clap (Clap), flyin' across the map (Map)
Lambo on the block (Block), lookin' like a snack
I'll show you how I do it (Do it), show you how it's done (Done)
Don't look for another Missy 'cause there'll be no 'nother one

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