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Ringtone Wish Wish – DJ Khaled feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage 2


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Ringtone Wish Wish Lyrics: 

Bought a Richard Mille, coulda bought me a house (No joke)
Feel like I'm the greatest rapper came out the South (Who want smoke?)
She keep tryin' to fuck, I told her top me for now (On God)
She got ass shots, told her work on her mouth (Straight up)
Everybody talkin' this king talk, nigga we shootin' shit up, we don't battle (Bitch)
Cornball nigga, you ain't gettin' no money and we don't give a fuck about your talents (Snitch)
Came from the bottom, I'm a multimillionaire, I was just sleeping on pallets (21)
Fuck these rappers, I'm 4L gang, we the best like DJ Khaled (Straight up)
Your bitch got that crazy head like a Kanye tweet (21)
Had a wedding for my Glocks, call 'em Jay and Bey (21)
I split the rent with my chopper 'cause it stay with me (On God)
Leave you drunk like a shot of liquor, ain't no chasin' me (On God)
He threw in a white flag, but I still want beef (Stupid)
Catch you at your album release you play with Cardi B (Shoot it)
Make this pistol blow both ways, I call it Hennessy (Pow!)
I know your mama taught you look both ways 'fore crossing me(Lil' bitch)

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