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Ringtone Dirty Iyanna – YoungBoy Never Broke Again


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YoungBoy Never Broke Again flips Michael Jackson’s iconic April 1988 # 1 single “Dirty Diana” and flips the topic of the track, originally about Jackson’s relationships with fans and groupies, to one of his past relationships, suspected to be his endeavors with Iyanna Mayweather.

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Dirty Iyanna Ringtone Lyrics:

Dirty Iyanna, oh
Dirty Iyanna, oh
Dirty Iyanna, no
Dirty Iyanna

Forever we get it, I'm sick of these bitches, they flow in my head, ah
We be chasing the riches, however you want it
Aim straight for the head, ah
And she know that I love her, she want me to cuff her
I think she’ll hurt me, I never will let her
I'm sending condolences inside of a letter
Still trappin' like Griselda
No, it ain't safe in these streets, all alone, ah
No, we don't play, keep that heat, we take his soul, ah
Even though when I’m wrong, I ain't never gon' lie
If I feel that I owe you, I'm gon' make it right
I'll be thuggin' and keepin' my head to the sky

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