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Ringtone 4 AM – 2 Chainz ft. Travis Scott


Categories: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

4 AM - 2 Chainz ft. Travis Scott Ringtone:

Drop an EP on a nigga for the free-free on a nigga
Yeah you ZZ on a nigga, king like BB on you niggas
Ride with Champagne P
If it wasn't for the struggle then I wouldn't be me
Call me Deuce or Dos, anything but broke
Got my aim from the scope, got the game by the throat, damn!

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Okay, you popped up on me by surprise (yeah, yeah)
You see I never took you for the poppin' type (straight up)
Damn, it's 4 AM so please believe the hype (it's lit)
Hit the lights (yeah), I'm way over top

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