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Ringtone Met Gala – Gucci Mane ft. Offset


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Met Gala - Gucci Mane ft. Offset Ringtone:

You could get shot with your nigga too (bow)
This stick make a nigga do boogaloo (brr)
Bentley Mulsanne but the seats masseuse (skrt)
I'm havin' more stripes than Adidas boots (havin' that)
Dick in her mouth like I'm edible (dickin' that)
Nigga stop shootin', you better move (brr)
I fight for my gang, I won't let 'em lose (gang)
Your bitch, she wantin' the pipe, aight
This shit started off likes (huh)
Hopped in my DM and rode me a kite, flight (yeah)
And she on the very first flight (go)
Finesse a nigga then get this shit right (huh)
On sight, right, nigga, goodnight (on sight)
Poppin' that shit 'cause he thinkin' he pipe, pipe
Hunnid rounds drum with the knife (brr)
Me and the Wop, Biggie and Pac (Wop)
But we so different, we keepin' the Glock (bow)
I'm on a yacht and a yacht on my watch (yacht)

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