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“S.O.S.” the Jonas Brothers are back. On Thursday, the band confirmed their return and teased their new track “Sucker” — the trio's first single in nearly six years — set to drop March 1 at midnight.

Rumors started spreading about the group’s revival shortly after the Jonas Brothers' social media accounts, which were reactivated early last year, mysteriously went black. Fans started the trend #JonasBrothersBlackout on Twitter, sensing something big was about to happen. US Weekly reported yesterday that new JB music was on the way, but nothing was confirmed until now.

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Lyrics Sucker – Jonas Brothers Ringtone:

I’ve been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars
I follow you through the dark, can’t get enough
You’re the medicine and the pain, the tattoo inside my brain
And, baby, you know it’s obvious

I’m a sucker for you
You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly
I’m a sucker for you, yeah
Any road you take, you know that you’ll find me
I’m a sucker for all the subliminal things
No one knows about you (About you), about you (About you)
And you’re making the typical me break my typical rules
It’s true, I’m a sucker for you, yeah

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