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If you’re not a mother, Queen Naija‘s song “Mama’s Hand” may not cut as deep as it would if you know the experience of having a child. Regardless, the new video from her self-titled Queen Naija EP is very heartfelt and all dedicated to her son CJ. In the clip, Naija is in the studio talking to her son through FaceTime, then heads to the church to sing to him from the pulpit, while footage of them playing at the park played throughout. By the end, a few mothers and soon-to-be moms made a cameo, as well as Naija’s own mom, just to show the unconditional love parents have for their children.

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Lyrics Ringtone Mama's Hand:

When I first laid eyes on you
When I heard your heartbeat too
Oh I never knew, I could witness an angel so beautiful
From the very moment you arrived I felt something new inside
I developed a love that was so unconditional

And I promise to give you everything that I have
There's not a dream in this world you can't accomplish or grasp
I will cross any ocean before I let you land
Just hold on to mama's hand and never let it go (woah oh, oh, oh, oh)
Just hold on to mama's hand and never let it go

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