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Ringtone I Dare You – Kelly Clarkson


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Ringtone I Dare You - Kelly Clarkson Free Download For Mobile

On April 16, Kelly Clarkson brought to the public a music project called "I Dare You" with 6 different language versions and a special MV made by many voices around the globe. .

The song was composed by prominent names in musicians such as Natalie Hemby, Laura Veltz, Ben West and produced by Jesse Shatkin. For each non-English version, Kelly Clarkson incorporates a representative artist: the French version with Zaz, the Arabic version with Faouzia, the Spanish version with Blas Cantó, the German version with Glasperlenspiel, and Hebrew version with Maya Buskila.

I Dare You Ringtone Lyrics:

I dare you to love, even if you can't
No, I dare you to love
Oh, even if you're hurt and you can only see the worst (Only see the worst)
Even if you think it's not enough
Oh, I, I dare you

I dare you
Oh, I, I dare you to love

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