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Clara Hagman (born 9 July 1991 in Gävle, Sweden) is a Swedish singer and former member of the pop group Ace of Base. Since 2014, she has performed under the name Clara Mae.

Today, she stands under her own spotlight on her debut original single "I'm Not Her," a song that uses the premise of a romantic relationship gone sour to find the importance in personal strength and self confidence.

"The song concept came from breakup conversations during a writing session," Mae says in a press release, "about first getting over someone you’ve broken up with, and you hearing he’s met someone new. So many questions pop into your head, "What does she look like?... Is she funny?... Is he making the same memories with her as with me?" After a lot of thinking, you realize that she's nothing like you, and I'm not her."

I’m Not Her - Clara Mae Ringtone Lyrics:

No, I'm not her, no, never will

Never gonna move like her, move like
I'm not her, no, never will
Never gonna look like her, be like
I'm not her, I'm not her (no)
At least that's what I've heard

[Verse 2]
Me, myself, just stumble under glue
The thing I thought was missing wasn't you
And now I'm no longer scared to meet the night
I'm doing alright

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