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Ringtone Done For Me – Charlie Puth


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Charlie Puth's song "Done For Me," featuring Kehlani now has visuals, with the two singers dancing in low luminous retro spaces, decked out in satin clothes and laying in satin bed sheets. The track is from Charlie Puth's upcoming album Voicenotes. The video was directed by RJ Sanchez and Brendan Vaughan. Watch the full video above.

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Ringtone Done For Me - Charlie Puth Lyrics:

I lie for you, baby
I die for you, baby
Cry for you, baby
But tell me what you've done for me
For you, baby
And only you, baby
The things I do, baby
But tell me what you've done for me
I never cheated
Deleted everyone 'cause they made you uncomfortable
(No oh, oh baby, no)
These accusations
I can't apologize for something that I didn't do
(No oh, oh baby, no)
I won't beg for your love
Won't say please (oh no, won't say please)
I won't fall to the ground on my knees (on my knees)
You know I've given this everything
Baby, honestly, (baby, honestly), baby, honestly

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