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Superstar country duo Sugarland dropped a new song Friday (April 20), bringing Taylor Swift back to her country beginnings with an acoustic ballad called "Babe."

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles takes the lead on the song's vocals, with Swift accompanying on the airy chorus. Both of their vocals soar as Nettles sings of a lover doing her wrong "We're a wreck, you're the wrecking ball/ We said no one else, how could you do this, babe?", and Swift's echoes making the breakup tune as haunting as it is catchy.

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Babe - Sugarland, Taylor Swift Ringtone Lyrics:

[Verse 1: Sugarland]
What a shame
Didn't wanna be the one that got away, yeah
Big mistake, broke the sweetest promise
That you never should have made
I'm here on the kitchen floor
You call, but I won't hear it
You said no one else, how could you do this, babe?

[Chorus: Sugarland & Taylor Swift]
You really blew this, babe
We ain't getting through this one, babe
This is the last time I'll ever call you, babe
This is the last time, this is the last time
This is the last time, I'll ever call you babe

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