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Ringtone ZEZE – Kodak Black feat. Travis Scott & Offset


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Ringtone ZEZE - Kodak Black feat. Travis Scott & Offset Lyrics:

In a Hellcat 'cause I'm a hell-raiser
Self-made, I don't owe a nigga nann favor
When you get that money, nigga, keep your heart
I'm slidin' in a coupe, ain't got no key to start
I got the fire on me in BET Awards
When your well run dry, you know you need me for it
When I pull up in the Buick, you know what I'm doin'
If the police get behind me, I'm fleein' and eludin'
Sleepin' on the palette turned me to a savage
I'm a project baby, now I stay in Calabasas
Like I still serve fiends, like I'm still jackin'
I be sippin' on lean, tryna keep balance
Hit that Z-Walk, Dickie's with my Reeboks
I don't say much, I just let the heat talk
Your jewelry water whip, diamonds like re-rock
My lil' baby ride the dick like a seatlock
When I stepped up on the scene, I was on a bean
When I jumped up out the Beam', I was in Celine
Baby girl, you just a fling, that ain't what I mean
Money bustin' out my jeans like I do the scheme

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