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Ringtone You Let Me Walk Alone – Michael Schulte


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In “You Let Me Walk Alone” Schulte pays tribute to his deceased father by touching on his memories about his late father and how he is no longer alive to see Michael Schulte succeed. The song will represent Germany at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Lisbon, Portugal. Germany will compete in the grand final on May 12, 2018.

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You Let Me Walk Alone Ringtone Lyrics:

I'm a dreamer, a make believer
I was told that you were too
I love the silence and the clear horizon
And I got that all from you

Every now and then I'm drawn to places
Where I hear your voice or see your face, and
Every little thought will lead me right back to you

I was born from one love of two hearts
We were three kids and a loving mum
You made this place a home
A shelter from the storm
You said I had one life and a true heart
I tried my best and I came so far
But you will never know
'Cause you let me walk this road alone

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