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Ringtone That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars


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That's What I Like - Bruno Mars Ringtones Free

Bruno Mars once again conquered the fans not only with his voice, his style of music, but also his impressive dance skills in “That’s What I Like“.

In the music video this time, Bruno Mars alone “weigh” all, solo from the beginning to the end of the MV with the dance can not be more wonderful. Incorporated with vibrant animated graphics so that the listener can not stop dance.

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That’s What I Like -Bruno Mars Lyrics:

I got a condo in Manhattan
Baby girl, what’s hatnin’?
You and your ass invited
So gon’ and get to clappin’
So pop it for a player
Pop, pop it for me
Turn around and drop it for a player
Drop, drop it for me
I’ll rent a beach house in Miami
Wake up with no jammies (Nope)
Lobster tail for dinner
Julio serve that scampi (Julio!)
You got it if you want it
Got, got it if you want it
Said you got it if you want it
Take my wallet if you want it now

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