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Ringtone Take Me Back To London – Ed Sheeran


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Ringtone Take Me Back To London - Ed Sheeran Lyrics :

Jet plane headed up to the sky (to the sky)
Spread wings in the clouds, getting high (woo, woo)
We ain't hit a rave in a while (in a what?)
So take me back to London
Bass high, middle night, ceilin' low (ceilin' low)
Sweat brow drippin' down, when in Rome (when in Rome)
No town does it quite like my home (they don't)
So take me back to London
Yo (woo!)
When I squeeze off this little pen of mine
Done the remix, now I got Ed on grime
And this ain't like any top ten of mine
I arrived at Wembley ahead of time
And that's stadiums, man are aliens
I drink supermalt and Vibranium

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