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Ringtone SUGA’s Interlude – Halsey, SUGA & BTS


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Suga’s Interlude” is the third single from Manic, released alongside “Finally // beautiful stranger.” The tracks feature Min Yoongi, who goes by Suga, from the K-Pop group BTS.

The dreamlike track recounts the experience of falling in and out of love with music. Indeed, both artists are passionate about the art, but with the overtones of the music industry always looming over them, they sometimes question their love for it. The introspective song acknowledges the fear of letting go, but also the acceptance of such thoughts and fears.

SUGA's Interlude Ringtone Lyrics:

[Chorus: Halsey]
I been trying all my life
To separate the time
In between the having it all
And giving it up, yeah (Hey)
I wonder what's in store
If I don't love it anymore (Hey)
Stuck between the having it all
And giving it up, yeah

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