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Hollywood actor/rapper Jaden Smith is staying busy-busy in 2019. The music newcomer has blessed fans with his new SOHO music video premiere just in time for Coachella.

The music video shows the singer wandering around the streets of New York City, more specifically, SOHO. He walks around popular locations with a young woman, scenes of them in a secluded, romantic park are interspersed throughout. Smith is seen performing the song besides the woman in various romantic settings and also performs individually throughout the city.

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Ringtone SOHO - Jaden Lyrics :

Said she wanna go to SoHo (Oh)
She said I'm sick of chillin', sittin' in the Hills readin' Osho (SoHo)
She said I wanna go to Paris and I want a real kimono (Oh)
Or get it poppin' with my partners (Yuh), swear we gotta feel the mojo (SoHo)
Don't got that counterfeited swag (Yeah), fuck a wish, that's a no-no (Yeah)
We got orange jam, brand new whip, finna orange it
Man, think I'm 'bout to go to Florence and (Damn)
All my foreign shit (Yeah), you endorsin' it (Yeah)
It was porcelain, I had a competition and a tournament
I was chillin', hangin' like an ornament
The poets asked me, am I bored of this?
Bored of this, borderline torturous
The way your voice comes through your lips, I-

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