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Ringtone Rubbin off the paint – YBN Nahmir


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Rubbin off the paint ringtones free

One month after dropping his "Rubbin Off the Paint" visual, and it's already clear that YBN Nahmir's new track is destined to go the way of Tay-K's "The Race." That is to say, we now have our next remix craze, and helping spearhead it is Vince Staples. On Sunday (Oct. 16), the Long Beach, Calif. rapper released his own version of the song on the newest episode of his SEABS show on Beats 1 Radio.

In a funny bit, Staples explains that he'll wilfully abandon his street cred if police come his way. "But if they interroga-ting, I don't know nobody/I ain't with the business/This is just an image/I ain't hurt nobody/I don't know who did it," he raps.

Rubbin off the paint lyrics:

They say Lil Nahmir where you been at? I'm just passin' a breeze
I been runnin' up a check, that's why these bitches on me
I been coolin', layin' low, but I'm not takin' a seat
But just know a nigga back and this time I won't leave
I been runnin', runnin', runnin', gotta check me a bag
I got hunnids on my neck and I got Trues on my ass
Niggas said I'm goin' broke, well I just take it and laugh
I be speedin' in that foreign with Five-O on my ass
But I'm that nigga, I won't ever change, rubbin' off the paint
Smokin' dank, got a Uzi in my lap, I let it bang
Free Lil Tay, know he keep a 'K, but he not Tay-K
I up the chop and let it blow him, watch this bitch heat his face, I'm that nigga
And all my young niggas pullin' triggers, we gorillas
We let this bitch off until you feel us, for you niggas
That's always on IG with them yiggies, takin' pictures
Is you really gon' use 'em or you just loafin' for them bitches?
You niggas really hoes and you be acting like these bitches
You niggas say y'all silent but y'all probably in there snitchin'
Most the niggas that's around me throwin C's like they crippin'
But they do it for the twins, free Lil Corey and Lil Christian

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