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Ringtone Put A Date On It – Yo Gotti & Lil Baby


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Free Ringtone Put A Date On It – Yo Gotti & Lil Baby Download

Multi-platinum rapper Yo Gotti has teamed up with Atlanta MC Lil Baby on a new track. The song, “Put a Date On It,” was released Monday as a single by Epic Records and Gotti’s CMG label.

The track is a teaser from Gotti’s 10th studio album. The forthcoming LP does not have a title or release date yet, but the record is expected “soon,” according to reps for Epic/CMG. Gotti’s upcoming record will follow 2013’s "I Am," 2016’s "The Art of Hustle" and 2017’s "I Still Am" – a string of albums that helped break the veteran Memphis MC nationally.

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Lyrics Put A Date On It Ringtone:

[Chorus: Yo Gotti & Lil Baby]
Sack coming in and the money don't fold (Fold)
Gotta put a stamp on it (Stamp on it)
Just hit a play, scrape it off the plate (Skrrt)
Gotta put the cap on it (Cap on it)
Pussy ass nigga always talking that tough shit
Nigga, put a date on it (Date on it)
Everybody sittin' at the table 'round here, yeah
There's a lot of plates on it
Runnin' through the money and the bitch keep callin'
Hold up, she gon' have to wait on it (Wait on it)
VVS diamond drippin' over my T-shirt
Reach for it, I'ma put your face on it
Rolls Royce truck on the way, cashed out for it (Cash)
Still had to wait on it (Wait on it)
Plug fucked around, sent the wrong damn kind (Bullshit)
Nigga still had to pay for it (Hah)

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