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Ringtone Press – Cardi B


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After first teasing it last year, Cardi B just released her highly anticipated new single, “Press”. The track is produced by KeY Wane and Slade Da Monsta, and its promo art features some murderous allusions.

The pre-release imagery for the track–where Cardi poses in handcuffs in a courtroom–visually references serial killer Aileen Wuornos, who was executed in 2002.

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Press - Cardi B Ringtone Lyrics:

VVS chain, I'm in love with the rocks (Woah)
You said you gon' take it, bitch, you got me chopped (Woah)
They throwin' shade 'cause they see me on top
Tell that bitch to pull up, I'ma send you the drop

Press, press, press, press, press
Cardi don't need more press
Kill 'em all, put them hoes to rest
Walk in, bulletproof vest
Please tell me who she gon' check
Murder scene, Cardi made a mess
Pop up, guess who, bitch?
Pop up, guess who, bitch?

Ding dong
Must be that whip that I ordered
And a new crib for my daughter
You know a bad bitch gon' spoil her

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