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Ringtone Not That Deep – Cal Scruby


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Not That Deep lyrics ringtone :

Here comes the cure, straight to the vain
Like vaccination, I'm lackin' patience
I'm more like Morpheus, hack the Matrix
Red pill four minute activation
This might hurt just a little bit
Just a litte pinch that's all
Making sure you not dreaming
You got a lot of nerve
Sayin' this what I deserve
What you acting like you don't got demons
I inhale so I don't stop breathing
Tryin' to stay afloat with a boat stop leaking
My shit like when the liquors all freezin
Yo shit like when the chicken not seasoned
You not hot boy, I know you bought Bots
Chop Chop make it to the top spot
Justa post a pic in your rented drop top
While I smoke a double Dutch and I sip a hop Scotch
That's neat
My life's been a mess since last week
Sometimes my heart to heavy
And I think Imma sink
When it's just not that deep

No it's not that deep
If it's not six feet it's not that deep
If it's not six feet it's not that deep

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