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"Money" is a song by American rapper Cardi B. It was released by Atlantic Records on October 23, 2018. The song was written by Cardi B and produced by J. White Did It. The song will be featured on the deluxe edition of Invasion of Privacy. Its music video features Cardi playing characters in different locations, including in an art museum, a bank and a strip club.

"Money" is a New York hip hop number, with Cardi performing over a stripped-down beat, bass tones and piano notes. Lyrically, it celebrates financial stability.

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Ringtone Money - Cardi B Lyrics :

I gotta fly, I need a jet, shit
I need room for my legs
I got a baby, I need some money, yeah
I need cheese for my egg
All y'all bitches in trouble
Bring brass knuckles to the scuffle
I heard that Cardi went pop
Yeah, I did go pop (Pop)
That's me bustin' they bubble
I'm Dasani with the drip
Baby mommy with the clip
Walk out Follie's with a bitch
Bring a thottie to the whip
Is she fine or she thick, goddamn
Walkin' past the mirror, ooh
Damn, I'm fine (Fine)
Let a bitch try me, boom
Hammer time, uh

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