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Ringtone Mind Is A Prison – Alec Benjamin


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As the title suggests, this song is based on the idea of the singer asserting that his “Mind Is A Prison”. More specifically, he feels trapped by his own thoughts. And the implication is that said thoughts are not of the positive variety. So we can say that, all things considered, the track serves as a metaphor pointing to the idea of the singer embarking on the extremely-difficult task of trying to change his mindset.

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Mind Is A Prison - Alec Benjamin Ringtone:

Then I tied up my linen with five strips of ribbon I found
Scaled the side of the building
I ran to the hills till they found me
And they put me back in my cell
All by myself, alone with my thoughts again
I guess my mind is a prison and I'm never gonna get out

So they tranquilized me, analyzed me, threw me back in my cage
Then they tied me to an IV, told me I was insane
I'm a prisoner, a visitor inside of my brain
And no matter what I do, they try to keep me in chains

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