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Ringtone Medicine – Queen Naija


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Artist: Queen Naija
Album: Queen Naija
Released: 2018
Category: R & B

YouTube superstar Queen Naija has finally released the visual to her hit single, “Medicine”. "Medicine" is billed as Queen's "explanation" to her followers, in which she explicitly references a breakup and cheating rumors. The song went live on the singer's YouTube channel a few hours before midnight on December 31, 2017. "It pretty much explains everything I felt and the reason why I actually did leave," Queen said about the song in a vlog a few days later. "When everything is so public and you don't have no privacy and people are throwing themselves at you, sometimes stuff just happens."

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Lyrics Medicine – Queen Naija Ringtone:

You tell me you love me
But I ain't been feeling it lately
You say you love keeping me fly but
Can't keep me from looking' so crazy
Come in at 6 in the mornin'
Where you been, where you been?
Who is that texting your phone?
Just a friend, just a friend (okay)
My intuition never lies
There's nothing you can ever hide
Already got the screenshots
So there is no need to deny
You been creepin' and freakin' and sneakin'
Like you'll never lose me
Steady claiming that everyone know we together
But you steady choosing

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