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Ringtone Imposible – Luis Fonsi, Ozuna


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We all know how large the reach was for Luis Fonsi's "Despacito." The remix and the original version were equally popular in all parts of the world, bringing Fonsi into the spotlight in English-speaking parts of the globe.

You've heard "Despacito" overplayed on the beach and you've probably done a little dance to it. It's just an inherently happy track. Fonsi is back to his magical ways, crafting a song with Ozuna this time around for their new collaboration, "Imposible."

Imposible” is a reggaeton song with a romantic lyric. “I wrote the song thinking on [Ozuna's] vocals and style,” Fonsi told Billboard. “I’m a big fan of his music, what he brings to the table. He is incredibly talented, has great vocals and great writing.”

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Ringtone Imposible - Luis Fonsi, Ozuna Lyrics :

Es imposible que te quiera como yo (no)

No hay nadie que te quiera como yo (como yo)
Déjame que te cambie la suerte
Es imposible que te bese como yo (no)
No hay nadie que te bese como yo (como-como yo)
Para mí es imposible perderte
[Post-Coro: Luis Fonsi]
Y así, na' má’, me enamoré, eh-eh-eh-eh
De esa carita que no tiene nadie
Bailando aquí en el medio de la calle (ah)
Y así (ah), na' má' (ah), me enamoró, oh-oh-oh-oh
Quisiera que esta noche no se acabe
Es imposible que te quiera como yo (baby, como-como)

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