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Ringtone GODZILLA – Dax – Remix


Categories: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

GODZILLA - Dax Ringtone Lyrics :

I was born for this, why are you aggravated?
I got drip it's so hot it evaporated
I got drive, you in park I can validate it
Cut this beat up, I'm 'bout to examinate it
No exaggeration this no problem, hakuna matata
Niggas be lyin' I might call you Simba and give you a scar and say Hasta Mañana
I finish beats like a period don't take no breaks If do it counts up my commas
I'm hot like a sauna
I'm spitting, my nigga- I feel like llama
I'm bombing on beats man I feel like Osama
I'm taking precedence, trumping the game, blacking out on country- I feel like Obama
You rap for a chapter, I rap for a saga

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