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Download Fun - Selena Gomez Ringtone 320Kbps Free For Android, IOS

On the playful and catchy “Fun,” Selena describes falling into a relationship with someone she knows is bad for her.

Upon the release of the track, many have pointed out that the song has similar characteristics to co-writer Julia Michaels' solo music while others like NME have praised it as “a brighter take on her May 2017 single “Bad Liar”. If you like the song, you can download and install the Fun - Selena Gomez ringtone free for your phone at here!

Fun - Selena Gomez Ringtone Lyrics:

Can't stop myself, it's true
I like the way you move, uh-huh
Oh, we got somethin' in this room
Can't make that up
You may not be the one, uh-huh
But you look like fun (Mmm, ow)
Oh-oh-oh (Ah), oh-oh-oh
You look like fun (Ooh, yeah)
Oh-oh-oh (Ah), oh-oh-oh

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