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Ringtone Fuego – DJ Snake, Sean Paul, Anitta ft. Tainy


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Ringtone Fuego - DJ Snake, Sean Paul, Anitta ft. Tainy Lyrics :

Ooh-Ooh (Babygirl) 
Encima mío, encima tuyo 
On top of me, on top of you, yeh 
Ooh-Ooh (Babygirl) 
Contigo ya no hay cama que aguante, yeh 
Aguante, yeh 

[Chorus: Anitta & Sean Paul] 
(La, la, la, la) 
Don't make me crazy 
(La, la, la, la) 
Your bed won't take it 
Don't start that fuego, fuego 
I can't fight my DNA 
Pero si me vuelvo loca, loca 
You might like that (Eh) 

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