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Ringtone Frosted Flakes – Quality Control, Migos


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Ringtone Frosted Flakes - Quality Control, Migos Lyrics :

The chandelier glass (Glass), and it's all on my wrist (Bleh, bleh, woah)
If the bitch too bad (Bad), then she done been hit (Smash)
Give her the pad and the lock (Woo), just like a pic (Just like a pic)
I used to play with the narcos, now I play in it (Movie, uh)
Gotta break it down for the dumbos, it's a guest star appearance (Dumbo, yeah)
I'm from the North where the most dope sold (Yup), the cartel business (The cartel, yeah)
Jiggin' was all we know (Uh), that was the image (Suge)
Until they sendin' big bro down the road (Kobe), Kobe got sentence (Kobe, woo)

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