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Ringtone Expensive – Nicki Minaj


Categories: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

Expensive - Nicki Minaj Ringtone Lyrics:

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
I got a shopping problem, got expensive taste
Bustdown Patek with the expensive face
Gotta get me ice if he tryna skate
Gotta swipe the AmEx if we go on a date (Uh)
If we go on a date, gotta blow on my cake
But don't hit me if it's tiny, girl from Xscape
These studs for my ears, Louis scarf for my hairs
Latest bag from Chanel and I ain't tryin' to wait (Uh)
Uh, I'm tryna meet the plug, no sockets
Uh, pussy deep, so is my pockets
Uh, Tom Ford heels with the locket
Uh, a nigga get me he better lock it, uh

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