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"Everybody Hates Me" is a song recorded by American production duo The Chainsmokers. It was produced by The Chainsmokers and Shaun Frank, with lyrics written by Emily Warren and the song's composer Andrew Taggart. The song was released through Disruptor Records and Columbia Records on March 16, 2018, following "Sick Boy" and "You Owe Me".

The single, "Everybody Hates Me", is coming Friday, March 16. It seems the song will be accompanied by a video shot by The Chainsmokers' frequent collaborator Jeremiah Davis, a.k.a. @thatoneblondkid. He says via his own Instagram account that the visual will "make a lot more sense" once the new music has arrived. You can download Everybody Hates Me - The Chainsmokers ringtone now!

Ringtone Everybody Hates Me - The Chainsmokers Lyrics:

So I walk into the club like, everybody hates me
I walk into the club like, everybody hates me
I'm talkin' to myself, shit, now they think I'm crazy
I walk into the club like, everybody hates me (everybody hates me)
Like everybody hates me

Like everybody hates me (everybody, yeah)

[Verse 2]
I'm a product of the internet
And now, I'm face to face with all the voices in my head
I can't even check the time without facing regret
Why do I still have to mean everything I ever said?
And I'm not trying to be like "poor me," I made it
I'm just trying to stay normal now that they know what my name is
Yeah, I just wanna drink tequila with my friends
Yeah, they're the reason that I still am who I am

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