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Ringtone Enzo – DJ Snake, Offset, 21 Savage, Sheck Wes, Gucci Mane


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Ringtone Enzo - DJ Snake Lyrics :

I need a Benzo, a Benzo (Benzo)
I need a 'Rari, not Lambo (Lambo)
I need a 'Rari, not Lambo (Lambo)
I need a 'Rari, an Enzo (zoom)
I need a Benzo, a Benzo (Benzo) (DJ Snake)
I need a 'Rari, not Lambo (Lambo) (one more time, man)
I need a 'Rari, not Lambo (Lambo) (Slaughter gang)
I need a 'Rari, an Enzo (21)
I just want to cop me a Diablo (Diablo)
I'm a dawg, I slide in your DMs, send a couple eyes
I ain't really sending no hearts though (on God)
Hit it from the back one one time then call
That's a hit and run bitch, call GEICO (21)
6 karats hanging out my motherfuckin' earlobe
Shining like the glove on Michael (Jackson)
Got a couple hits, but he ain't write though (you cappin')
Richard Mille cost me a 'Rari (and what)
I don't play, boy, I'm not Carti (21)
Left a wet dream on a Barbie (excuse me)
Hit her best friend and she caught me (heehee)
Hit her other friend she was going though (yeah)
Car in Zone 6, but it's foreign though (yeah)
Treat my bitches like Jordans though
Only hit retro 10 when it's boring though (she boring)

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