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Dusk Till Dawn is a song by British singer-songwriter Zayn Malik featuring Australian singer - songwriter, Sia. Zayn and Sia both announced the single through social media on September 01, 2017.

The song was was released worldwide as the lead single from his upcoming second studio album on September 07, 2017, along with a music video.

The accompanying music video was released on the same day, it features Zayn and English American actress Jemima Kirke. The song is also featured in the official trailer for the film, The Mountain Between Us.

Commercially, the track topped the charts of six nations and reached the top ten in more than twenty countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

"Dusk Till Dawn" is a pop ballad, featuring a smooth pop-R&B production.

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It is a massive, cinematic duet with Sia that starts off as a gorgeous, romantic mid-tempo and builds to a 'thrashing sing-along chorus'.

In speaking about the song, Zayn said, "That's where I started and that's obviously still in there. I still like pop music, but it's about putting my own spin on it, making it me."

The song is in the key of B minor with a tempo of 180 beats per minute. The meter is common time. The harmonic progression is Bm7–G–D–F♯m7/C♯–Bm7–G–D–A/C♯. The vocals span two octaves, from D3 to D5.

Dusk Till Dawn Lyrics :

'Cause I wanna touch you baby
And I wanna feel you too
I wanna see the sunrise
On your sins just me and you

[Pre-Chorus: ZAYN & Sia]
Light it up, on the run
Let's make love tonight
Make it up, fall in love, try

[Chorus: ZAYN & Sia]
But you'll never be alone
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I am right here
I'll hold you when things go wrong
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I am right here

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