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Ringtone Butterflies – Queen Naija


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Butterflies - Queen Naija Ringtone Free Download For Mobi

Artist: Queen Naija
Album: Queen Naija
Released: 2018
Category: R & B / Soul

Queen Naija walks barefoot on the sand in her new acoustic performance video for “Butterflies”. The sound of “Butterflies” evokes Tamia in the “Officially Missing You” era: Soft, precisely articulated guitar licks and direct expressions of affection — “I just wanna know you would catch me if I fall/ If you tell me, ‘yeah,’ boy, I might just risk it all.” Queen Naija really goes for it vocally, belting out key lines in a way she avoided on her breakout hit, “Medicine.”

Lyrics Butterflies - Queen Naija Ringtone:

I don't wanna fall so fast
But I'm open
They always say that good things never last
And I know 'cause I've been broken
I'm tryin' to protect my heart
But you're making it so hard
And I guess it's safe to say
You take my pain away

And I just wanna hold you all night long
Whenever I'm around you, nothing's wrong
I'm hoping that you'll always be around
You got me on a high, I don't wanna come down
And I love it, I love it (these butterflies)
Yeah I love it, I love it (I'm on a high)
Yeah, I love it, I love it
And I just wanna love on you (ooh)

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