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The Chainsmokers are unfortunately back today with a new single called “Beach House”. Technically, us listeners don’t have it so bad, though — those honors go to dream pop outfit Beach House, who apparently were the inspiration for the EDM duo’s latest track.

That Beach House? Indeed, “Beach House” is partly about “Waking up on the west side / Listening to Beach House, taking my time.” That’s the entirety of the part about Beach House; if you’re here because you like Beach House ringtone, you should listen to them instead.

Ringtone Beach House - The Chainsmokers Lyrics :

And then I start to think
As I lay there on the sink
That I've been here before
It's that certain type of thing
She gets bored of everything
Not the type you can ignore
Yeah, I just wanna taste
As she grabs me by the waist
As she closes the door
She's taking what she wants
Baby, you can have it all

Oh, darling of mine
Where have you been? (Where have you been)
I feel so alive
With you in my bed (You in my bed)
Oh, darling of mine
Please don't let go (Please don't let go)
Just tell me you feel this
Tell me you know
Oh, darling of mine

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