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Ringtone Baby, You Make Me Crazy – Sam Smith


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On 6 October 2017, Smith announced via Twitter that his second album, titled "The Thrill of It All", was to be released on 3 November 2017.

"Baby, You Make Me Crazy" is from Sam Smith's sophomore album "The Thrill of It All" , and it has an addictional production from The Dap-Kings Horns.

In the song Smith say’s he was ‘dumped’ and he was very sad about this. But his sisters & love ones took him to go out clubbing & made him forget about this heartbreak for the night but tomorrow he will remember it.

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Lyrics Baby, You Make Me Crazy ringtone :

You make me crazy
Why'd you have to fill my heart with sorrow?
Save me
Make it all hazy
So I don't think about you 'til tomorrow

It wasn't enough
But you could've had the guts to face me
It would have meant so much
If you'd looked me in the eye
Why do I always fall for the ones who have no courage?
I must see some kind of beauty in their eyes

So I'm gonna play my favourite rhythm
Got to get you out my system
I would do anything to keep you off my mind
I'm gonna have to call my sisters
Be around the ones who listen
Anything to drown you out tonight

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