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Ringtone Baby – Clean Bandit


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Ringtone Baby - Clean Bandit Free Download For iPhone & Android

‘'Baby’‘ is the sixth single released from Clean Bandit’s anticipated second studio album, featuring Marina Diamandis and Luis Fonsi. Marina has also confirmed the song will be on her upcoming fourth studio album.

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Baby - Clean Bandit Ringtone:

Find me in another place and time
If only, if only you were mine
But I'm already someone else's baby

[Chorus: Marina & Luis Fonsi]
Guess I had my last chance
And now this is our last dance
You fell through the cracks in my hands
Hard to say it's over
But I'm already someone else's (C'mon)

[Post-Chorus: Marina]
Baby, ahh
Baby, ahh
Baby, ahh
But I'm already someone else's

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