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"Look Alive" is a song by American rapper BlocBoy JB featuring Canadian rapper Drake. It debuted at number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100, which makes it the first top 10 single for BlocBoy JB and 23rd for Drake.

Social media clips showed Drake was clearly into BlocBoy's previously released "Rover" and also gave fans an early glimpse at the collab that would later become "Look Alive," now a certified hit.

The song samples the lyrics from Project Pat's "Out There (Blunt to My Lips)". You can listen Look Alive - Drake ringtone and set for ringtone mobile.

Look Alive - Drake Ringtone Lyrics:

Bitch, come through, you, and you
I'ma get the money, D-D-Drizzy get the loot
Pull up with that Draco
Play with Drake and I'ma shoot
My weapon be an instrument, man I'll blow you like a flute
Nigga play so he feelin' it
Pull up all day with a K, I ain't shiverin'
Drop a nigga like he littering
We at the door like we the delivery
He not a plug, he middle man
That-that nigga brown like cinnamon
I got the rounds like Sugar Ray Robinson
Shot to the chest have you gaspin' for oxygen
I'ma spay 'em, just like Febreeze
Came a long way from sittin' in the nosebleeds
Now a nigga on the floor talkin' to the athletes
Now I'm so close to the game I could steal the stat sheet

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