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Ringtone Glow Up – Meek Mill


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Glow Up - Meek Mill Ringtone:

I say, lord be my saviour
When it come to gettin' this paper
Please protect me from my haters
Just save me and I won't save her
Say Amen (Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen)
Yeah, they're fuckboys and they can't win
(Can't win, can't win, can't win, can't win, can't win)
Check, check, check, check

Glowin' up, glowin' up, glowin' up
We in this bitch and we goin' up
Glowin' up, glowin' up, glowin' up
She dirty, love my personna
Glowin' up, glowin' up, glowin' up
Remember those feds was on us
We used to trap out them Hondas
Now we pull up in the foreigns
Glow up, glow up
Walk in, show up

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