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Ringtone For Free – DJ Khaled, Drake


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For Free Ringtone:

Fuck for free
I know you workin' day and night to get a college degree
Bet nobody that you've been with even know you a freak, right?
You know you only do that with me, right?
Yeah, double checkin' on you
You know I never put the pressure on you
You know that you make your own mind up
You knew what it was when you signed up
Now you gotta run it up
I be out of words, tryna sum it up
Girl you throw it back like one love
Even let me slash on the tour bus
Yeah I talk to her but she don't do enough
Even though you in the hood I'm still pullin' up
Dip, dip, straight to your doorstep
This the real thing, can you feel the force yet

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