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Ringtone Ayy ladies – Tyga feat. Travis Porter

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Ayy ladies ringtone lyrics

Okay Now Ladies (Yeah)
If You Know You Bad (Yeah)
Don’t Need No Man, Got Yo Own Bands
Put Up Yo Hands
If You Ah Top Notch Bitch, Let Me Hear You Holla
Bend It Over, Touch Yo Toe, Whip It Out,
Show Them Hoes Yo Bankroll, Slang It Out,
Do The Broke Hoe With It, Poke It Out,
DAMN Shawty You CAN Get It
Ughh 1234 Give The Booty 5,
I Like My Bitches Real Thick, Lil More Thighs
Richer Than Yo Ol’ Head, No Lie, Stacks In That
Pussy Hole, Call Dat The G-Spot,Real Gentlemen,
Fuck And Never Call Again, I’m Hot,
I’m Fresh Up Out Of Dat Water, I Didn’t Even Swim
I Heard She Got Ah Nigga, Well He Can Be Yo Man,
Maan I Wouldn’t Shake His Hand With Ah Broke Hand,
I Don’t Fear Na Nigga, Boicoodam,
Make A Bitch Strip Butt-Naked Like She Pole Dance,
Standing In The Club On On A Couch Shit,
Grab The Mic, Then Announce This,

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