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Ringtone And we run (Dance remix)

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And we run (Dance remix) ringtone lyrics

I’ma break these chains, ran through the rain
Never looked back, never quit, work through the pain
This blood in my veins run cold
When I think it’ll never be the same
But I never lose hope
This is my time now, no time for tears, to celebrate
Put it in the air right now
Never back down
You can never wear my crown
‘Cause it weighs too much
And I crush every motherfuckin’ thing I touch
This is love, I’ve never loved so much
Get involved, make the world stand up
Give my life before I ever give up
“Name in lights”, you lost all my trust
Now it’s time to face all of us
Get in line ’cause they’re callin’ us
And it feels so marvelous
Just take my hand and run
Sharon den Adel
And we run, with a lonely heart
And we run, for this killin’ love
And we run, till the heavens above
Yeah we run, runnin’ in the dark
And we run, till we fall apart
And we run, till the heavens above

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